Ouattara Yegueleworo reappointed as head of ANASOCI.

Ouattara Yegueleworo reappointed as head of ANASOCI.

The ordinary and elective general assembly of the National Association of the Deaf of Côte d'Ivoire (A.NA.SO.CI) was held on Saturday 27 March at the National Institute of Social Training (INFS) in Cocody.

The members of the association took the opportunity to gather the delegates participating in the AGM, to discuss and approve the amendments proposed by the Board of Directors on the Statutes and the Internal Regulations, to discuss and approve the moral report, the activity report and the financial statement presented by the President of the Board of Directors for the year 2020, to adopt the action plan and the provisional budget for the year 2021, and to renew the governing bodies of ANASOCI.

After the presentation of the reports and modification of the statutes, the members moved on to the election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Auditor with two candidates in the running. At the end of the proceedings, Ouattara Yegueleworo Dieudonné was re-elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANASOCI with 45 votes against 3 votes.

After thanking the members who put their trust in him, he unveiled his prospects. "With more than 45 votes, I think that the majority of deaf people want us to continue the work we have started for their well-being. We are going to develop four main areas, in sign language, education, employment and community life. At this level, we have two partners who support us and an international non-governmental organisation that also wants to support us. All of them have the same objectives for the inclusion of deaf people. We have no financial support from the government and we are waiting for the government to support us financially and also at the local level, they need us in the different regions and we want to be welcomed to help deaf people in these regions," he said.

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Source: Press article in Abidjan Daily, N°3064 of 30 March 2021

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