Ouattara Yegueleworo re-elected for 4 years as head of the National Association of the Deaf.

Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara Yegueleworo re-elected for 4 years at the head of the National Association of the Deaf.

Ouattara Yegueleworo, outgoing president of the National Association of the Deaf of Côte d'Ivoire (A.NA.SO.CI) was re-elected on Saturday, March 27, 2021, during an elective General Assembly with 45 votes against 3 for his opponent Coulibaly Mamadou, president of the association of the deaf of the Indenie Duablin region. This was at the National Institute of Social Training (INFS) in Abidjan-Cocody.

Ouattara Yegueleworo, 41 years old, a businessman, was re-elected for another four years and largely beat his main rival with more than 90% of the votes.

For the next four years, Ouattara Yegueleworo has identified three priorities, namely the promotion of the rights of deaf people, the recognition of sign language and advocacy for access to driving licenses for deaf people.

"With this large victory, we believe that deaf organisations have recognised our work and have put their trust in us again to steer the ship for the next 4 years. We know that deaf people expect a lot from us and we hope to do better with the support of all associations," said Ouattara Yegueleworo.

According to him, these next years at the head of A.NA.SO.CI will be based on the management and audits of the organisation.

"The basis of an association is to have a good administrative management. Thanks to our Executive Director, we are going to develop four areas, including sign language, education, the professional system (employment), and the creation of a community solidarity fund to help those who do not have the means to carry out their projects. At the level of employment, we have the firm La Libellule and an international NGO that support us," he added.

For Faustin Yeboua, Executive Director of A.N.A.S.O.C.I, this election shows the maturity of this organisation and the capacity of all its members to respect the texts that they have given themselves. This meeting was also marked by the relatively positive results of the outgoing team.

As a reminder, the candidate for the presidency of A.N.A.S.O.C.I must be Ivorian, he must be at least 30 years old, he must belong to an association (have the guarantee of his organisation), he must pay his non-refundable guarantee of 50,000 Fcfa.

A.N.A.S.O.C.I. is composed of 26 member associations. However, only 18 associations, including 4 national organisations, 7 regional organisations and 6 communal organisations, which had paid their annual membership fees and contributions, took part in this election.

Thus, according to the texts of this structure, the vote of the national organisations counts 5 points, that of the regional organisations counts 3 points and the vote of the communal organisations is 2 points.

It should also be noted that the steering committee for the vote was made up of a trio composed of Savadogo Bourahima (Founding member of A.NA.SO.CI and chairman of the steering committee), Camille Tano (President of ONPHACI) and Faustin Yéboua (Executive Director of A.NA.SO.CI).


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From the Online press media IvoireHandicapTV 30/03/2021

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